It was queried of late as to what I am reading that is sooooo faaaaaaawesome.  Well, I was introduced to Ellen Hopkins when her book Crank was [literally] pushed into my hands at the library.


I liked the cover, took a peek at the back blurb and saw two words jump.

#1:  Poetry.

#2:  Addiction.

I said to myself, “Hey – self – you love BOTH of those things.”

Fair enough.

So I added Crank to the haul although I had an armload of other reads.  Thought I probably wouldn’t read it but said to myself, “Hey – self – you might.  Stop being so pessimistic.”

Fair enough.

That evening I dropped Crank on my coffee table, grabbed a glass of wine and as I picked up the book I had originally intended to read, I said to myself, “Hey – self – check out one chapter of Crank and if you don’t like it, take it back to the library.  Stop being so greedy.”

Fair enough.

I loved the writing style.

L O V E D I T!

I finished Crank in a day and its follow-up, Glass, within the next week.

I skipped Burned (is religious in nature) even though I have no doubt it was fan-damn-tastic.

I finished Impulse Saturday.  I’m gonna tell you a secret but you gotta PROMISE not to tell anyone.  Promise?  PROMISE?

I cried at the end.

Next is Identical and, finally, Tricks.

Although I usually leave the book reviews to SIL Patti, I thought the poetic stylings of Ellen Hopkins deserved a place here as she sure has a place here *covering heart*.